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The surprise (culturedcast)

So, Here it is, The Surprise.

It’s 1 of several things, firstly, we redesigned this blog. We also redesigned the forum so it looks similar to this (check it out here)

Lastly, the biggest surprise of them all:

We now have a podcast called “Culturedcast” please check it out and feel free to download it here. Culturedcast 1 is available for download now.


Another Surprise up our sleeves

Alright, well we launched, and we launched it in a big way with our super smash bros. brawl contest. (get in on the action while you still can, you have until march 5th.)

We have another Surprise coming all your way. You’ll find out what it is come this saturday. It’s pretty huge, and I hope you are all pleased with it.

See you all Saturday.

A sudden rise in popularity.

It’s odd, I was expecting my daily diary type of blog would actually drive people away from here… but oddly enough, I’ve doubled if not tripled my daily traffic.

I want to thank all the readers I suppose, and again I want to invite everyone to come on over to the forum, and just chat and fucking enjoy yourselves.

Also, we just got a .com, so the forum address is now

We have that super smash bros brawl contest 2 happening, so please, join in on that action? what’s the worst that can happen by joining up and entering the contest?ssb2

Pong: The Conspiracy
May 17, 2007, 9:07 pm
Filed under: conspiracy, Pong

November 29th 1972: Atari’s Pong was released, with it claiming to be the very first Video Game ever… or so they want you to believe.

Pong was a very simplistic game, 2 bars on each site, and a moving square… get the moving square by the bars to score a point. Rinse and repeat.


The thing that alot of people don’t know about is the following… something people have been trying to hide for years:

Let’s take us back to 1958, A man by the name of William Higginbotham wanted to try and help people stop being bored at the Brookhaven National Laboratory. So he went forward and developped the worlds very first video game… what kind of television did it play on you ask? Well it didn’t play on a TV, it played on an oscilloscope.

The game was named “Tennis for Two” (pictured left) and had a somewhat impressive interface for the first video game ever created. Already looked more realistic then pong did which appeared 14 years later.

So The next claim would be, yeah but the Atari was the first to commercialize a video gam… wrong again.

Say hello to Computer Space, released November 1971 by Nutting associates. It is the first widely distributed Arcade Game: 1500 units. It ultimately failed because people thought it was too hard. In the game you were a ship, and other ships would come around and shoot at you, you’d have to avoid by pressing certain buttons for thrusters, rotation etc. to escape the bullets.

So The very last claim they are holding on for for deal life is that Pong was the very first game you could bring home and plug into your tv to play… Wrong again!

Say hello to the Magnavox Odyssey, released may of 1972. 6 months before Atari’s Pong Was Released for the Mass public. Now let me quote wikipedia for its game list… yes it played more then just pong:

  • Analogic
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Brain Wave

  • Cat & Mouse

  • Dogfight

  • Football

  • Fun Zoo

  • Handball

  • Haunted House

  • Hockey

  • Invasion

  • Interplanetary Voyage

  • Percepts

  • Prehistoric Safari

  • Roulette

  • Shooting Gallery

  • Shootout

  • Simon Says

  • Ski

  • Soccer

  • States

  • Submarine

  • Table Tennis

  • Tennis

  • Volleyball

  • Win

  • Wipeout

So I believe we now all know, that in fact, Pong did not do anything new, it was all done before… The conspiracy has been revealed!