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The surprise (culturedcast)

So, Here it is, The Surprise.

It’s 1 of several things, firstly, we redesigned this blog. We also redesigned the forum so it looks similar to this (check it out here)

Lastly, the biggest surprise of them all:

We now have a podcast called “Culturedcast” please check it out and feel free to download it here. Culturedcast 1 is available for download now.


Another Surprise up our sleeves

Alright, well we launched, and we launched it in a big way with our super smash bros. brawl contest. (get in on the action while you still can, you have until march 5th.)

We have another Surprise coming all your way. You’ll find out what it is come this saturday. It’s pretty huge, and I hope you are all pleased with it.

See you all Saturday.

A sudden rise in popularity.

It’s odd, I was expecting my daily diary type of blog would actually drive people away from here… but oddly enough, I’ve doubled if not tripled my daily traffic.

I want to thank all the readers I suppose, and again I want to invite everyone to come on over to the forum, and just chat and fucking enjoy yourselves.

Also, we just got a .com, so the forum address is now

We have that super smash bros brawl contest 2 happening, so please, join in on that action? what’s the worst that can happen by joining up and entering the contest?ssb2

The more Mature System

We keep hearing how the 360 and the PS3 are the more mature systems of this generation. Let me tell you why I think that’s a false statement.

The majority of gamers who play the 2 aforementioned systems are consisted of a majority of teens (Don’t believe me, turn on xbox live for example… anybody else sick of hearing pre-pubescent kids say “Pwned”) So why is there such a teenage following of the consoles?

Well, like in all mediums, blood, guns and shooting people are all the cliched symbolism of “cool” So of course when your that age, you are going to try and fit in with what’s “cool”.

A sheep kind of mentality, no originality what so ever. Does that sound like a very mature reasoning to like the consoles? nope.

The other argument often heard is “well the graphics are gorgeous.” Extremely shallow and near sided perspective to say the least. Is a mature person honestly that shallow? I don’t really think so.

Last argument: Having to dismiss the other console as being “kiddy”. So just because your not comfortable enough with yourself within society, you have to join the popular kids, and all make fun of the same thing. Again not very mature.

I think the most mature system is the wii, simply because of all the facts aforementioned.

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What we have here is a fake psychologist and a stupid lawyer.
April 17, 2007, 12:00 pm
Filed under: Dr.Phil, Idiots, Jack Thompson, Virginia Tech

Let me give out my condolences first for this horrible horrible act. My prayers go out to the families of victims.

So Dr.Phil went on Larry king live last night, and stated that The Virginia Tech Massacre was caused by video games. (This was said by him before the identity of the killer was released or known.) Jack Thompson earlier in the day, stated the same thing, without knowledge of the person either.

As some of you may remember (or click here to read it) I wrote about how It’s society that is screwing up these young people, and no video games, well a slight bit of rejoice was felt on my behalf when I read this press statement from Virginia Tech:

The shooter was later identified as 23-year old Cho Seung-hui. He was an undergraduate student in his senior year, majoring in English. A spokesman for Virginia Tech has described him as a loner, stating that the school is having difficulty finding information about him.

Then it was followed up by this:

Some investigators believe that he was taking medication for depression. In a note left in his dorm room he laid out a rambling list of grievances in which he railed against “rich kids,” “debauchery” and “deceitful charlatans” on campus.

So not only was this kid a loner, he was clinically depressed. He expressed his hatred towards societies partiality, and how he hates “rich kids.” Now if that isn’t a clear indication that society drove him to this, then I don’t know what will convince you at this point.

Now lets wait to see what the fake psychologist and the stupid lawyer say to these new developements