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A Delay
March 21, 2009, 10:10 pm
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Well, basically as we all know, we are planning the best return to greatness ever. However, I’ve had somethings but sticks in those wheels. All my time is being consumed by life, work and organizing hockey teams for a tournament. So after June I’ll be able to pay more attention to this place.


What would you like to see?
March 5, 2009, 5:01 pm
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As my last post essentially mentioned we are re-building.

So you, as readers, and community members, what would you like to see?

A New Podcast.
March 3, 2009, 9:17 am
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The forum is dead.

This Blog Seems dead.

The Podcast Deal?

Like the phoenix, we will rise again.

E3 2008 Countdown

So over the next week, I’ll post daily articles of what we are to be expecting from E3. Leave comments as to whether or not you agree, disagree etc. Let’s get some conversation going.

E3 2008 Nintendo Plans

So, E3 is a little over a month away. Everyone is coming out with what their predictions, well I’m going to come out with facts. This is what I’d say with 85% accuracy what will happen at this years E3. First and foremost, I’ll start off with returning franchises:

Star Fox (it’s just the time)

Animal Crossing Wii (which will have a different name… Perhaps nintendo will continue with the galaxy theme?)

If Animal Crossing does not make an appearance, expect Pikmin 3 instead. (I don’t think both games would be announced together, simply because it would be an unhealthy battle between the 2 for sales.)

Red Steel 2 will not be appearing at E3 (that is further proven with Ubisoft wanting to fuck wii owners hard, and the fact that they have dropped out of the ESA.)

New Super Mario Bros. 2 (however, not for DS, for the newly revealed handheld.)

There will be no Kid Icarus.

New Franchises:

Disaster will be making a triumphant return, with a concrete release date. I expect it to be playable as well at the nintendo booth.

More Wii Music

A totally new franchise we are not expecting (probably it being casual, I’m looking at you factor 5.)

New Peripherals:

New Handheld system (reverting back to the gameboy moniker.)


Wii’s will now be compatible with usb flash keys.

That is my “predictions” although I’m fairly sure that’s what will happen. The only thing I’m iffy about is Kid Icarus, however I still highly doubt it. Then again, Nintendo always seems to come out of left field, and surprise everyone.

If I’m extremely wrong, make sure to come back here and tell me how much of a douche I am.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl: Review

Perhaps the most anticipated game for the Wii, it made all the fanboys drool. Smash would finally be able to play online. Promised to be the biggest iteration in the series, with the addition of 3rd party characters Sonic and Snake. Did it deliver? or will it disappoint?


The Graphics in the game are top notch, and are what you’d expect from Nintendo. The graphics exceed it’s predecessor by a mile, and the physics engine bring for a whole new realm of realism. It even integrates being able to trip over your own foot (something this reviewer does not enjoy.)


The gameplay is pretty much exactly like Melee’s. The controls work well, however the battle is much slower. Some say it allows for better strategy, and others say it makes for less exciting battles. With a bunch of new modes added, and the very satisfying “subspace” The single player takes a whole new life of it’s own, and in the single player aspect, Super Smash Bros. has never been better. There is also the addition of the “Super Smash” a finishing move that with most characters means an instant kill if done correctly. This game is over stuffed with content.

Mario getting ready to perform his final smash.


With what is perhaps the best soundtrack ever found in video games ever, the music is just awesomely brilliant in all levels. Even if there is a song you don’t like very much, you can go in the options and turn it off so it doesn’t show up. The soundtrack is mind blowing, and probably the thing shining the brightest about the whole game.


This is where I think the game falls flat on it’s face. With the previously mentioned slower pace (which can be found in the N64) the game makes for very sluggish battles, it gets to a point that it can be very bland, boring and repetitive. On top of this, it has a flawed online system that has a 3 second delay between what you input on the controller, and what happens on the screen. It makes for the online to be unbare-able to play… That’s if you can even get a match online.

In Conclusion:

By no means is this a bad game, it’s a great game. However, this reviewer thinks that it doesn’t out due it’s predecessor when it comes to the multiplayer, and just general combat. This is made up for by Subspace though. Still a must-buy for all wii owners.

Brawl gets a 4 out of 5.

No More Heroes: The Review
May 30, 2008, 9:03 am
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As a fan of Suda51, and an even bigger fan of killer7, I had been waiting impatiently for this title. Here it came finally a couple months ago, and I’ve finally had the time to play it. As my most anticipated title on the wii, will it live up to the hype, or fall short?

Graphics Art Style:

You see what I did there? well that’s because the game graphically isn’t all the impressive, however the Art Style is bar none better than anything I’ve seen on any console since the SNES. The game just oozes with style, it’s not even funny. It has it’s own atmosphere, and it reminds me a lot of american comic books (a la Marvel or DC.) In the north american version, there is a ridiculous amount of blood that oozes out of people when you hack them up, it’s ridiculously gratifying and satisfying.


The game utilizes the wiimote/nunchuk duo. With finishing moves being initiated by flicking the wii mote in the direction the arrow on screen tells you to flick the wiimote. The controls are very responsive. There are also wrestling moves that can be initiate with the B button when an enemy is stunned, you do these wrestling moves by flicking the nunchuk and wiimote in the direction the on screen arrows prompt. All of this is very responsive, and adds very much to the experience.


The score is just excellent, even though it’s pretty much literally the only song in the whole game. (From what I can tell, there are a few different variations, but it’s the same song.) The voice acting is top notch as well, and part of that I think is due to the writing which just fits perfectly with this stylish game. Pay close attention to the monologue delivered during the first boss battle “GOTTA FIND THE EXIT!”

In Conclusion:

No More Heroes delivered more than I ever could have expected. It is my choice for game of the year, and I am looking forward to further Suda projects. Let me now give you the obvious:

No More Heroes gets a 5 out of 5