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What would you like to see?
March 5, 2009, 5:01 pm
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As my last post essentially mentioned we are re-building.

So you, as readers, and community members, what would you like to see?


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Ooh, I came here for the first time in months and there happens to be a fairly recent post.

I’ll answer your question.
Reviews, podcast, and maybe join the Nintegrity Boards?

Well, you were part of way back when. I’ve been fixing up Nintegrity.

Right now I can’t really provide hosting but in the future maybe.

The site looks fine except for the title. The generic font blends into that black image you got there and that colorful square logo thing looks sort of like a food brand logo or something.
But everything else I like. The fonts, the design.

And lastly, if you hope to build a loyal fanbase, make frequent updates.

Comment by Wyvern

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