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Friday February 8th 2008
February 10, 2008, 11:59 pm
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Got woken up at 6am, I quickly go to the bathroom, since I have a huge urge to piss. After the piss, I head back upstairs, come to my computer, and check my email to see if Kevin has responded, He hasn’t, so I’m slightly ticked. I start packing a few dvds to make heidi watch while I’m with her.

I then jump in the shower, and as I get out, grab a bunch of clothes, bring it upstairs, and pack it with the dvd’s. I then start a search for my psp charger, which is nowhere to be found. I continue the search for the charger for the rest of the morning, bust.

I then pack the bag into the car, and off I go to Erics. I arrive at Erics 10 minutes before I told him I’d be there at, he opens the door in this night gown looking thing, and bitches at me for being impatient. (You see, it’s cold, so when he doesn’t open the door after 30-60 seconds, a human has a tendency to knock again, but that went over the newly awoken Eric’s head.)

I then head down the stairs, and nearly right away pay him for the pink Ds I’m offering my sweetheart for valentines day. We start talking about this and that, and Chris and his ex comes up. He hands me a few messages from Chris (that were now a couple of weeks old, but Eric didn’t tell me that.) We bullshit some more, and then it’s time to head out for him to get his hair cut.

We get to the barber shop, and we are met by an overly spunky, yet unattractive hairdresser. I sit on a couch, keep my jacket on to give a message of “I’m not here to get my hair cut.” About 5 minutes into the haircut, I see her run to the window, knock on it, and wave at someone. The guy then comes in, and they proceed to talk for the next 15 minutes, with the now extremely uncomfortable looking Eric in the chair. After the 15 minutes, he was finally gone, and this old man came in, and sat next to Eric. He got a different hairdresser, and she was done with him in about 10 minutes, and there that old man goes with his cane… somehow scoring a smooch off the hairdresser… that old man has some style.

We finally get out there, and they charge him 16$ (16$ for the most unprofessional haircut I’ve ever seen.) We wait around waiting for the bus… after 15 minutes, we realized we missed it, so we decide to go into this record shop near by. We walk in… and this is just fucking boxes everywhere with absolutely no order what so ever… So I end up looking at dvds, judging none of them are worth my time, or my money (all of them being overpriced) we high-tail it out of there quickly enough. We are back at the bus stop, waiting for the bus to bring us to the mall. It comes after about 10 minutes.

We finally arrive at the mall, and I immediately head to MetroVideo (this DVD shop I’m always at.) Josh isn’t working, but Dan is, and he’s sporting a new beard, I barely even recognize him. I head to the TV show section to scope out Dead Like Me season 1, they don’t have it, so I head to HMV, they have it, but for a higher price then I saw it else where, so I head to Best Buy, pick up Romeo & Juliet Musical Edition then check for Dead Like Me, even more expensive there, so I head back to HMV and purchase season 1 and 2 of Dead Like Me (both for Heidi for valentines day.) Before heading back to HMV for the second time, I stop off at a pharmacy, and buy 2 bags of mini eggs for Heidi, and a bag for Eric and I.

Satisfied that I found everything I intended to get her for Valentine’s day, we head upstairs to grab some Bacon Poutine. Leia’s working, so I talk to her for a few minutes, where she informs me her and her boyfriend broke up when I asked what her plans for Valentine’s day were. I head back to the table with the loot, Eric and I chow down.

We head out and I go to the bank, and deposit the rest of my money.  We head to the stop, where we miss our bus, Eric and I argue over the next 20 minutes about which bus to take, and we opt for a race. He gets on his bus, and I on mine. 5 minutes into the ride I bump into a buddy of mine Stevie.

Stevie and I talk for a while about all things brodeur and Devils, and then migrates to the Habs miserable exploit against the Maple Leafs, and how Carey Price was brought up too early. He then informs me he’s working at the airport now, and showed me this shiny badge he has, the discussion then comes to the ridiculousness that is the airport.

I arrive at my destination, say bye to stevie, and I get off the bus and walk down the street, where I see Eric crossing at the other end.  I turn the corner, and there he is, I wave at him, he waves back… it’s a tie pretty much. (he beat me by 30 seconds.)

We get back in, and I start checking out Rods online, Eric says he’s heard about these before. I then check out some other “ufo” footage, and 1 that’s supposed to be a comet being broken by aliens, I quickly debunk and show Eric the Columbia space crash of 2003.

This brings us to watch a documentary about it, and both end up enjoying it. I suddenly have to take a shit, and so does Eric apparently, so he heads upstairs, and I do my business in the downstairs bathroom. We want to watch some more of the documentary, But alas, it was now time for me to head out and catch my bus. Eric grabs Bailey (his dog) and we head to the bus stop. On the way to the stop, we are followed by 2 extremely bratty (and stoned) girls… of which was driving bailey and myself nuts. (The dog was enjoying it… I wasn’t.)

The bus quickly appeared shortly after and I say bye to Eric, and I was on my way. On the bus, I listened to some Smodcast, and just generally tried to relax. I get to the metro, I try to go by, but my transfer isn’t working, so I inform the ticket counter fellow, he tells me to hit it, it’ll fall in, then I’ll be able to go through, I’m about to do exactly that, but then notice Matt Salmaso (my very gay best friend who I haven’t seen in a while.) We are both quite shocked to see each other. I smack the machine, but no dice, I go back to the ticket counter guy, he lets me through, and re-unite with matt once again on the other side of the gate. We miss the first metro, but it doesn’t really matter, cause we get to catch up for abit. He informs me he was now living with his new boyfriend in dorval, and invited me over to see his place some time. I, of course, agree, and we decide to message each other via facebook to set up some kind of plan. We get on the metro, where it was a bitch to have a dicussion. Over the loud noise, I hear that he went to see the spice girls in Toronto, and how he loved it. He ends up missing his stop, and gets off at the next stop.

I get to my stop, get off, and head towards the bus station for my voyageur bus. I realize I’m 2 hours early, since there was no traffic, so I call Eric up, and as I talk to him, Chris shows up. I ask them to come meet up with me before 7 (the time of my departure) Eric declines. So, I tell him to put Chris on the phone, I tell him to come meet me before 7 and he turns to Eric and goes “We’re Going to meet Tim at the bus station.”

I hang up, I go and sit down in a massage chair, at around 6:20, I have to take a piss, and judging the line was rather short, I opt for the chance to go to the bathroom. The bathroom is lighted by what seems to be a black light, and I have a snicker about what they are trying to avoid by installing that.

When I get back out, the line is of a now ridiculous length (in less then 2 minutes.) so I get at the back of it. 6:30 the bus arrives.. I debate with myself whether to get on it or not… I decide not to. Not everyone gets on it, since the line was so long. We were promised another bus shortly.

waiting around in line for another bus for 20 minutes, and I start getting nervous about Chris and Eric arriving… 6:58 they show up, we exchange a few words, about how they got lost, cause Chris was following Eric, and Eric had no clue where he was going. The bus arrive, I say goodbye, and get on.

We drive off, and on the way towards quebec city, this couple that couldn’t be older then 13-14 years old, were there, and were clearly drinking alcohol… So these bratty little kids the whole ride were drunk, loud and obnoxious. I had my headphones on, and I could hear that little bitch giggle over my music.  Over the course of the 2h30mins, you can imagine I got quite irritated.

I arrive in ste-foy, greeted by my love. We get in the car, I say hi to her mother, and we head towards her house. Before we get to it, we opt to go rent a movie, so we head to a corner store near by. We get the movie “Aurore” and head back to heidi’s. We head upstairs, and start making out nearly immediately. Petting ensues shortly there after.

I give her all her gifts, and she goes apeshit (in a good way) Her mother shortly thereafter comes upstairs, we head downstairs and pop in Romeo & Juliet, and since we both saw the flick, make out some more, and more petting happening. We finish the flick, both judge were pretty tired, so we head to bed.


Thursday February 7th 2008
February 10, 2008, 11:08 pm
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Woke up around 7:30,

My mother was still home, so I braved the stairs and went to chit-chat abit.  As my mom was leaving for work, I had an urge to go to the bathroom, so I took the morning piss. As I arose from the bathroom, my stomach was grumbling, so on a search for food I went. I found some bagels, and was quite satisfied with slapping 2 slices of cheese on that bad boy.

I then braved the stairs back up to my room, and decided that I’d try to watch “Good Will Hunting” again, since I was distracted during the ending of the flick. 1/2 through I get sleepy, and just opt to take a nap. I wake up, and its 3:30, so I head over to the computer and check out the forums. Eventually Heidi comes online, and we have our daily normal chat.

Of course, she’s as beautiful and as amazing as ever. Every 30 minutes she’s trying to call her mom to finalize all plans for me to come over tomorrow. No dice. So we then make alternate plans in case she can’t get in touch with her mother tonight.

All of that is averted at 11:30 when she finally gets in touch with her mother (of which she accidentally woke her up.) Right after we both call it quits, and we both head to our designated areas of rest.

I pop in some Dexter, and fall asleep.

February 6, 2008
February 7, 2008, 10:27 am
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I woke up at about 9:30, went downstairs, took a piss, and then scavenged for food. Not finding anything I came back upstairs, came online, and worked on putting up my new forum. I did that for abit, then started feeling rowdy, so I then proceeded to tug one out.

2 hours later, I came up with a satisfying skin for the forum, and now was in a dire need of food, so I cracked open a box of Kraft Dinner, started making it. While I’m making it, I’m talking to Jess and Steph who are now in the living room.

We bullshit for a bit, and Jess makes me tell Steph about my shirt, and why I got a shirt that says “The Dogfather.” I say it’s not very funny, but I’m harrased into telling it. So I give in.

Basically, I’ve wanted a Godfather shirt for the longest of times, as it is 1 of my favorite movies. I walked into a store 1 day, and I saw this shirt… thinking it was a Godfather shirt, because I was too busy to notice the writing, I grabbed it off the shelf, ran to the clerk with it, literally threw the money at her. I told her to keep the change, and ran out of there proudly with my brand new Godfather shirt.

A couple of days later, I’m with some friends, and 1 of them says “why are you wearing a dogfather shirt.” and I responded “are you crazy? this is a godfather shirt bitch, respect it.” and we got in a 30 minute argument about the shirt… until I give in, and decide to look down at it.. I then realize he has been correct the whole time.

See not that funny, but I had to tell it, so I did.

Post food, I come back upstairs to my room, and have a choice to check out “A Scanner Darkly” or “Good Will Hunting” I opt for the former. I’m relatively surprised by this flick, and how it’s an independent feature, and were still able to get so many brand name actors. They must of worked for scale and love of the project.

Post Scanner I come back online, check out the forum, email back and forth with Kevin (RMC from about possibly putting something up on his site about my board. He’s talking about full blown post, I was just talking about a link on the side, but who am I to complain about a post? he asks for a press release, so I write 1 up.

At around this time, Heidi gets home, and we start talking. She’s telling me how much she’s missing me, and how 2 days too long, I reassure her that the wait is worth it. As I’m talking to her, I decide to pop in “Good Will Hunting”.

Good Will Hunting also surprised me, it deserved the oscar it won.

Anyways, at some point I get rowdy again, and happen to get heidi rowdy as well… well thats all I gotta say about.

I then spend the rest of the evening working on the forum with heidi, and she was able to fix up our affiliate page. (Heidi is really amazing with all things photoshop and webmaking, she’s got this amazing talent, and my forum would look like shit without her.)

All the while waiting for Kevin to email me back… Heidi then goes to bed at around 11:30 (because I make her.) Then steph comes and asks me if I want to play smash. I, of course, agree, and we start playing. we play until almost 1, and I have a far lead over any of them (78 kills for me, 2nd place is 34.) Post smash, I head upstairs, read some “My Boring Ass Life” Tug one out, put in Curb Your Enthusiasm, then fall asleep.

Now a couple of things about this site. The brawl date is incorrect, it was from june, before the date was ever known. The official brawl date is March 9th 2008.

Also, visit the forums by clicking here.

A change of routine.
February 5, 2008, 8:10 pm
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So Again, I apologize for lack of updates since november… just life’s been a little hectic. So hectic that I’m temporarily for the time being changing the format of the blog. I am instead gonna essentially turn this into a diary, chronicling every little thing I do during the day.

If it catches on, I may just start a whole new blog dedicated solely to this, I’m gonna test this out for 1 month.

Not to worry, I promise I will still post some game reviews, and stuff about gaming, and more often then I do now.

So for you to be able to follow my everyday life, I’m gonna have to introduce who’s who. So here it goes:

Mom: well the women who gave me birth, lets me live in her house for free, and eat all the food.

Grandmother: The adoptive parent of my father, and my old grandparent left.

Francine: The aunt who happens to live under my roof.

Francis and Jess: Cousin’s, kids of previously said aunt.

Steph: Girlfriend of Jess.

Heidi: My girlfriend, and she so happens to be the most beautiful amazing girl in the world (I could gush on for hours about her.)

Christine: Heidi’s mother

Chris AKA Bradshaw (Which coincidently is his last name.) : My best friend, 1 of my 2 partners in crime.

Eric: My other best friend, my second partner in crime.

Joker: The dog that so infectiously happened to have stolen a part of my heart.

That’s all you need to know for now. If more people come into the picture, I’ll explain who they are, and add them to this list.

So everyday I’m gonna post what happened the previous day… I might skip some days, but I’ll try the best I can not to skip too many days.

Also, please visit my forums: