The Last Word With The Cultured Gamers

Thursday February 7th 2008
February 10, 2008, 11:08 pm
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Woke up around 7:30,

My mother was still home, so I braved the stairs and went to chit-chat abit.  As my mom was leaving for work, I had an urge to go to the bathroom, so I took the morning piss. As I arose from the bathroom, my stomach was grumbling, so on a search for food I went. I found some bagels, and was quite satisfied with slapping 2 slices of cheese on that bad boy.

I then braved the stairs back up to my room, and decided that I’d try to watch “Good Will Hunting” again, since I was distracted during the ending of the flick. 1/2 through I get sleepy, and just opt to take a nap. I wake up, and its 3:30, so I head over to the computer and check out the forums. Eventually Heidi comes online, and we have our daily normal chat.

Of course, she’s as beautiful and as amazing as ever. Every 30 minutes she’s trying to call her mom to finalize all plans for me to come over tomorrow. No dice. So we then make alternate plans in case she can’t get in touch with her mother tonight.

All of that is averted at 11:30 when she finally gets in touch with her mother (of which she accidentally woke her up.) Right after we both call it quits, and we both head to our designated areas of rest.

I pop in some Dexter, and fall asleep.


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