The Last Word With The Cultured Gamers

February 6, 2008
February 7, 2008, 10:27 am
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I woke up at about 9:30, went downstairs, took a piss, and then scavenged for food. Not finding anything I came back upstairs, came online, and worked on putting up my new forum. I did that for abit, then started feeling rowdy, so I then proceeded to tug one out.

2 hours later, I came up with a satisfying skin for the forum, and now was in a dire need of food, so I cracked open a box of Kraft Dinner, started making it. While I’m making it, I’m talking to Jess and Steph who are now in the living room.

We bullshit for a bit, and Jess makes me tell Steph about my shirt, and why I got a shirt that says “The Dogfather.” I say it’s not very funny, but I’m harrased into telling it. So I give in.

Basically, I’ve wanted a Godfather shirt for the longest of times, as it is 1 of my favorite movies. I walked into a store 1 day, and I saw this shirt… thinking it was a Godfather shirt, because I was too busy to notice the writing, I grabbed it off the shelf, ran to the clerk with it, literally threw the money at her. I told her to keep the change, and ran out of there proudly with my brand new Godfather shirt.

A couple of days later, I’m with some friends, and 1 of them says “why are you wearing a dogfather shirt.” and I responded “are you crazy? this is a godfather shirt bitch, respect it.” and we got in a 30 minute argument about the shirt… until I give in, and decide to look down at it.. I then realize he has been correct the whole time.

See not that funny, but I had to tell it, so I did.

Post food, I come back upstairs to my room, and have a choice to check out “A Scanner Darkly” or “Good Will Hunting” I opt for the former. I’m relatively surprised by this flick, and how it’s an independent feature, and were still able to get so many brand name actors. They must of worked for scale and love of the project.

Post Scanner I come back online, check out the forum, email back and forth with Kevin (RMC from about possibly putting something up on his site about my board. He’s talking about full blown post, I was just talking about a link on the side, but who am I to complain about a post? he asks for a press release, so I write 1 up.

At around this time, Heidi gets home, and we start talking. She’s telling me how much she’s missing me, and how 2 days too long, I reassure her that the wait is worth it. As I’m talking to her, I decide to pop in “Good Will Hunting”.

Good Will Hunting also surprised me, it deserved the oscar it won.

Anyways, at some point I get rowdy again, and happen to get heidi rowdy as well… well thats all I gotta say about.

I then spend the rest of the evening working on the forum with heidi, and she was able to fix up our affiliate page. (Heidi is really amazing with all things photoshop and webmaking, she’s got this amazing talent, and my forum would look like shit without her.)

All the while waiting for Kevin to email me back… Heidi then goes to bed at around 11:30 (because I make her.) Then steph comes and asks me if I want to play smash. I, of course, agree, and we start playing. we play until almost 1, and I have a far lead over any of them (78 kills for me, 2nd place is 34.) Post smash, I head upstairs, read some “My Boring Ass Life” Tug one out, put in Curb Your Enthusiasm, then fall asleep.

Now a couple of things about this site. The brawl date is incorrect, it was from june, before the date was ever known. The official brawl date is March 9th 2008.

Also, visit the forums by clicking here.


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