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A change of routine.
February 5, 2008, 8:10 pm
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So Again, I apologize for lack of updates since november… just life’s been a little hectic. So hectic that I’m temporarily for the time being changing the format of the blog. I am instead gonna essentially turn this into a diary, chronicling every little thing I do during the day.

If it catches on, I may just start a whole new blog dedicated solely to this, I’m gonna test this out for 1 month.

Not to worry, I promise I will still post some game reviews, and stuff about gaming, and more often then I do now.

So for you to be able to follow my everyday life, I’m gonna have to introduce who’s who. So here it goes:

Mom: well the women who gave me birth, lets me live in her house for free, and eat all the food.

Grandmother: The adoptive parent of my father, and my old grandparent left.

Francine: The aunt who happens to live under my roof.

Francis and Jess: Cousin’s, kids of previously said aunt.

Steph: Girlfriend of Jess.

Heidi: My girlfriend, and she so happens to be the most beautiful amazing girl in the world (I could gush on for hours about her.)

Christine: Heidi’s mother

Chris AKA Bradshaw (Which coincidently is his last name.) : My best friend, 1 of my 2 partners in crime.

Eric: My other best friend, my second partner in crime.

Joker: The dog that so infectiously happened to have stolen a part of my heart.

That’s all you need to know for now. If more people come into the picture, I’ll explain who they are, and add them to this list.

So everyday I’m gonna post what happened the previous day… I might skip some days, but I’ll try the best I can not to skip too many days.

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