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Super Mario Galaxy Review… The king Returns for his crown.
November 27, 2007, 5:50 pm
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So, many of my hours have recently been consumed with Super Mario Galaxy. I would normal write a little overview here, but come on, we all know what the game is… and if you don’t… well email me, and I’ll send you money for you to buy a clue.


Hands down probably the best looking Wii game yet. It’s just simply gorgeous, and I’ve been really blown away by its presentation. Who thought an italian plummer could look so pretty?


The gameplay is once again the best 3d platformer I’ve ever played, everything about it is just perfect. It makes you want to take all those other 3d platformers you played, and put them in the garbage. An interesting 2nd player mode is presented, and it gives your buddy a little more to do then just watch you play.


The music is just astonishing. I never expected such a thing from a mario game… but theres actually some live orchestra music in this game… and it just blows my mind.


Super mario Galaxy bring platforming to a brand new sort of perfection, it has raised the bar. The game also brings back nostalgic moments from our childhood with songs from super mario bros. 3. Our wait for mario 128 sure was worth it.

A 5 OUT OF 5


Medal Of Honor: Heroes 2… A suprise?
November 24, 2007, 10:22 pm
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Today while in the store, I was looking at games to purchase… and was about to pick up the wii zapper when I saw Medal Of Honor: Heroes 2. I heard alot of hype about the game… and I wanted to test the multiplayer online with my crappy dialup. So I decided to just pick it up, test it out, and worst comes to worst, be a title that kinda stays on my shelf. To my grand surprise, and as my review is about to establish… I was surprised.


The game is very very gorgeous. Probably some of the best graphics I’ve seen on the wii yet. NO I AM NOT GOING TO COMPARE THIS TO THE FAR GRAPHICALLY SUPERIOR SYSTEMS! Very suitable graphics, and some very very nice effects.


This is where the game blew me away.. I’m not going to concentrate on anything else other then the perfect control scheme. This is the definitive fps control scheme for the wii, and I expect many developers to use it from now on. It is honestly a better control scheme then Metroid Prime 3… who would of thought coming from EA? I did not try it with the zapper, but I don’t really care for it… here’s a few things that really stand out:

  1. To tilt in a direction to look around the corner, just tilt the nunchuk, it works perfectly
  2. To zoom in with the sniper you tilt the wii controller to the right, to zoom out to the left, to lock at a certain zoom distance press the c button
  3. the general pointing is awesome
  4. To throw a grenade hold down B when grenades are selected, and do a throwing motion with wii remote
  5. to reload just tilt wii remote up.

It’s just perfect, that simple.


The game features a 32 player online mode off of the EA servers. I was able to test it out with my super dooper dial up… and was absolutely astonished to see it work… and not only work, but work without a lag.

Firstly, lets talk about the messenger system. No friend codes here, you search for friends by username, or you could add someone you recently played against… pretty simple.

There are leaderboards, which is always fun to have.

we have a lobby of which you get to choose what map to have and everything.

Now I can already hear the PC gamers going “oh no chat in game, what kind of bullshit is that.” well I honestly prefer that, because I don’t have to hear mindless ramblings of “pwned” and the such in my ears. It helps my brain not melt. It’s just some good fun.

The only 2 features I have been able to play online are: “team deathmatch” and “capture the flag” Those are the only 2 I was able to notice in my short time playing it.

Nintendo take note on what EA has done here for online… its what we want.


Definately worth a buy… however perhaps you should wait until its 19.99$ bargain bit price, cause it’ll reach it eventually. It is worth the full price, however whats the point knowing next year thats the price it’ll be going for.

It gets a 4 out of 5

An apology… AGAIN
November 24, 2007, 9:56 am
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Alright, so I had moved my blog over to… but yet again, we were hacked… I had been waiting on them to get it back up… but I have no clue whats happening with that. The Bradshaw does assure that they are working on it, and it’ll hopefully be back soon.

Until then, I will start to post on here again. Stay tuned later this weekend for my impressions galaxy, and Trauma Center New Blood.