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Mario kart Wii… Too early.
May 28, 2007, 12:06 pm
Filed under: mario, mario kart, Nitendo, red shells, wii

So as my 2 last posts, That same report says Mario Kart wii Video was shown. The more it goes, the more unbelievable that repot is.

However since the topic came up, might as well discuss this abit

I believe that If they would make such an announcement, they’d wait for E3… why would They show all this stuff to journalists when they can do it live in 6 weeks… they can astonish the world… but no they choose to show it at their Media Summit makes no sense.

Anyways, I believe that this report is now completely fake, It’s such a bad time to launch news like this, and Reggie knows that. However we still then again hope since it gave us a smash date… but this guy probably looked at what was in reason, and did a november date. I honestly pegged the exact same week with my prediction.

We shall now know this as the “Nintendo Media Summit Hoax”


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