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The Miracle.
May 21, 2007, 9:30 pm
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So The Wii is proving impossible to find, and have an absolute need to play some smash, and twilight princess. Since I had sold my cube a while ago ( a decision I regretted) I had no way to play these 2 games. So Today, Thebradshaw and I had planned to go over to forum member Andrex’s house to catch the new website. We get there, we meet up with 1 of andrexs friends as well named kevin, we take andrex’s car and go for some breakfast. After that, we decide to head over to Microplay ( a small company thats a mix between block buster and EB games.) and I see a cube for 60$.

Never before Have I seen a used cube for such a price, and neither had Thebradshaw. So with a little help from Chris I was able to purchase the cube, however with no game. Thebradshaw promised to lend me a title he had brought along during the day to play at andrexs house named “Beyond Good And Evil” (absolutely incredible game I hear.)

Nothing spectacular yet right? Well we get back to andrex’s house, and I wanted to check out the cube to make sure it worked and all, it was used afterall. So we plug everything in, I take “Beyond Good And Evil” out of its case, I press the open button on the cube, the Top door opens up. I’m about to insert the game, when I notice a game is already in it. I bend over, I take it out… My mouth drops.

Thebradshaw then asks me “what is it” I turn around and say ” I GOT SMASH BITCH!”

Yes, infact the store forgot to check if there was any games in it when they sold it to me, and I got the very game I was buying the system for… and for free. Let’s not forget smash is running at a price of 49.99$ and bought the Cube for 59.99$


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An act of God. ^^

Comment by Wyvern

and from that day victoria day will now be “miracle day” lol. we had a great time that day

Comment by Andrex

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