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Smash Bros. Brawl Part 4: Items and moves
May 19, 2007, 9:24 am
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So here we are, the absolute last part of our series… this time we will be exploring items and moves I believe should be added to the game.

As we can see in the above image, bowser is throwing hammers like the hammer bros… why not give him that ability in the game, to throw hammers. Or like in super mario rpg, give him the ability to throw chained chomps… speaking of which

Why not just make this a possible item, he lands wherever, and just does like is seen in the picture, try to go flying in a certain direction to hit a player. Hey if they can put a special move item, then they can put this.

Why not bring back the clown ballon as bowers third jump… it would make much sense then just a shell spinning. Some may say where is the clown ballon going to come from… well you can make it look like he called it up, flys up for a certain amount then the balloon pops…. look they got a fox and a bird shitting fire out of their asses, its possible.

So I’m willing to bet anything that Cell Shaded links 3rd jump is the spin attack… however think about how cool it would look if he controlled the wind for his third jump, while swinging his sword… just a thought.

I am looking forward to this game with incredible impatience, and even more so for the new site to launch to see whats happening. Incase everyone doesn’t know, the new Smash site should be up monday morning at 11 am EST. Check it out. This brings us to the end of our saga.

There will be a part 5 coming up. If enough response will be received I’ll even go to a part 6.


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