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Smash Bros. Brawl Probable Characters: Part 3.
May 17, 2007, 10:55 pm
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So here we are, continuing the Saga.

Captain Syrup- Making her first appearance in Wario land: super mario land 3 (a game that the bradshaw and I had many fun hours with way back in elementary school.) She is the first Last boss to show up in more then 1 Mario franchise since Bowser. Since there are only 3 last bosses to do so (the 3rd being DK) and she being the only 1 not yet to have been included, might be an indication she will be added…. plus there are many people who want more female characters.

Nester (on left)- God who remembers this old character from Nintendo power? Having his own comic and giving out tips to your favorite games. He also made his own game appearances such as Nester’s funky bowling and he was also in Pilotwings 64 (note: his name was changed to Lark, however it has been confirmed that it was in fact Nester.)

Vaati – The wind mage from The legend of zelda Four swords and the minish cap. He is also portrayed as being a big 1 eyed blob in four swords but clearly this cloaked figure in minish cap.

Ike – Our hero from the gamecube issue of Fire Emblem. He’s also a very requested character to be put in brawl.

Little Mac – Come on, who doesn’t want to play with this guy? who wouldn’t want to see him in brawl… I’ve never met a single person who said “Punch out is a piece of crap” It would be great to see him in this.

Mii – This is probably the most unlikely of all that I’ve posted… however imagine if you could actually use your mii as a smash character. You could establish if you want him to be faster, more powerful etc. a customizable character would be a great great addition, and it would bring much more use to the mii system on the wii.

So this brings us to the end of our installement, however there is a 4th part for this explore what items I would like to see and moves I’d like to see be put into the game. so keep a look out for that, it will be posted in the next few days.


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I think Mii should be in Brawl too. Online would be pretty fun like that.
Ah, it’ll be fun anyway. It’s Smash bros online!

Comment by Wyvern

smash needs megaman at least not to mention zero and or protoman/dr.wily and sigma as rivals (oooh im getting sweaty), simon belmont, viewtiful joe, captain n the game master (very unlikely) but cool to think about. joe at least has some solid moves

Comment by omegamerkone

I want King Dedede because there probably ain’t a Mii. It’d be cool, but they probably isn’t in there. But Vaati would be Awesome. Wario is a dumb idea. Put in a Mii instead! Dammit I’m tired of this.

Comment by Junior

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