The Last Word With The Cultured Gamers

A Short Intermission.
May 17, 2007, 9:31 am
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As gamers, we have 3 problems to deal with daily:

1. Being called a nerd.

2. Dealing with politicians who seem to think they know more about the subject.

3. Finding a Nintendo Wii

I have looked at nearly every possibly venue, and cannot find a Nintendo wii. I’ve even done a few dozen searches online, and the only place I can find 1 is ebay (as much as ebay is a great tool, I don’t like not having the re-assurance of being sure I win. I think this refreshing bullshit is…. well bullshit.) also have some, if you want to dish out 339.99$ USD which comes out to about 500$ canadian… paying that much for a system? ridiculous, may as well just buy a 360 at that point. (I’d say PS3, but theres no games to support it, whats the point.)

I now have gotten a lead of a rumors as to where there are many… I’ll be check up on that lead.

Anyways, as readers of the blog, I’d enjoy more comments to know if I’m doing doing shit right, what I can change to improve etc. etc.


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