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Smash Bros. Brawl Probable Characters: Part 2.
May 16, 2007, 9:43 pm
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So here we are, part 2 of this list. Just so everyone knows and understands, part 4 will be items or attacks I’d want to see inside the game.

Mike Jones- I can already hear a bunch of you say who? Mike Jones is the main character of startropics and zoda’s revenge: startropics II. He is a baseball player, plays for a team in seattle washington… sounds a little like nes with the baseball bat and all, but could be a very interesting character put in.

Isaac – Main Character of Golden sun, if they were able to add fire emblem characters, I can see them adding golden sun characters.

Black Shadow- He’s a favorite that alot of fans want to see in the game. Nintendo loves to please their fans.

Garet- Golden Sun again, I’m not very sure about Garet though, I wouldn’t mind seeing him in it. However I wouldn’t be suprised if Felix from Golden Sun II would be there in his place.

To Be Continued…


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yeah this will probably not happen none of these guys will be in it except maybe black shadow.

Comment by spikeyguy777

It turns out that the Golden Sun Characters are not in it, and they bring back Mr. Game and watch and Marth including alot of Meele’s Characters. They let you play as R.O.B. the Gaming Robot and King Dedede. You CAN Play as Toon Link but not Birdo and Black Shadow.

Comment by Junior

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