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an open letter to jack thompson
September 15, 2006, 12:41 pm
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Everyone here knows and has heard about Mr. Jack Thompson, and his campaigns against some of our beloved video game titles. I used to just turn my head the other way whenever I heard his name, because anything he says has absolutly no credit. Until yesterday, Taking the Dawson College tragedy and turning it into something to try and further his useless case against GTA and other violent games. Maybe Kimveer Gill loved the game Super Columbine Massacre RPG, and maybe on his profile it said ” life is like videogames, you have to die sometime” but in no means, does it mean that him playing video games drove him to go and shoot people in a school. Even so, Kimveer Gill was 25 years old, a fully developped man, and it goes against every single Jack Thompson case so far. Jack Thompson believe’s that a child playing a violent video game will make that child violent, the fact in this case is this man was not a child.

Kimveer Gill was a self proclaimed loner, who found ”a few decent people, but hates the rest.” He was an extremly depressed individual, and obviously by everything he wrote, and people who knew him should of seen a cry out for help in everything he did. He was rejected by society, a society of which Jack Thompson is trying to protect and keep the same, so it can create more rejects who will then feel so lonely and depressed and want to pick up a gun and shoot up a school. Fact is, in most of these cases, these people were mentally un-attached from everything, claims to have no real emotions, but deep down are hurting a great deal. You could probably see in there characters the darkness, and possibly even a perverse obsession with pain, or an obsession with self mutilation, these are all symptoms of depression, something that is clinically considered as a mental illness. Video games aren’t the things that pushed him to this depression, it was the society Jack Thompson is trying to protect, if anything, Video Games kept this man sane longer then it should of. I would invite Jack Thompson to come to Montreal any day, to debate against myself so I can show The world that he is being upstanded by an 18 year old who hasn’t graduated high school yet. I want to be able to shut Jack Thompson up permanantly, Adam Sessler destroyed him in a debate, and yet Thompson is still flapping his mouth.

your truely,
Tim Lefebvre