The Last Word With The Cultured Gamers

In Celebration
July 9, 2006, 2:14 pm
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So in celebration of the new launch of the site, I decided to make a new post.

Has anyone here ever looked forward to a game? I’m pretty sure everyone has. But Let’s say you hear so much about this game, and look forward to this game so much you start feeling that you could care less about this game… Well I have reached that point with non-other then:

Sure this game looks beautiful, and it’s been long awaited, but at this point, the game has been fully tarnished for me. I’m actually considering not to get it, because I am truthfully sick of hearing about it.

Some may also say that Miyamoto said that this game was perfect… So What? Obviously someone who has some implication in something they make will make this statement… wasn’t the same said about Superman Returns?

I will have to skip this game all together.

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