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A Dead Trend Already?
April 26, 2006, 9:56 am
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So as alot of you may or may not know, The Bradshaw and I are very good friends, and when we discuss Video Games the subject of the “Epic.” music comes up. So a few minutes ago I was sitting infront of this screen, Listening to Hurt by Johnny Cash, and I figure this could be an amazing song to put in a video game.

So that lead my to the question, why don’t games put music with lyrics in it that much, and I immediatly thought of Battlefield: Vietnam, and how the songs were somewhat out of place when battling, Who wants to listen to Karma-chameleon while driving a scooter into battle?

I then thought of Prince Of Persia, I remember how the first one, the music gave the game such a wonderful atmosphere, but in Warrior Within,
having that Godsmack song playing in the back ground ruined the game to a certain extent, also they looped the same part of the song over and over, so it got annoying. Now I liked Warrior Within, but I loved Sands of Time, and I think the Music is a part of it.

Then I thought of the worst video game franchise ever invented, yes Grand Theft Auto, and how on the Xbox version, no one listens to the music they have in the game, instead use their own music. Does that mean this trend is due to die?

I personally would like to see games with more real music in it, more then just instrumentals ( Although Let’s not go put some Beatles in The Legend Of Zelda series.) but it wouldn’t work with every single type of game, unless we found enough dramatic music such as Hurt By Johnny Cash to put in the game, because this song, Is Epic on it’s own…. Oh and please no more In The End Montages of anime’s.

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