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A game I’m looking forward to with impatience
April 15, 2006, 8:25 am
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Now there has been this game I’ve been wanting for a while, and twice so far we’ve gotten near the release date but they push it back, No I’m not talking about Twilight Princess, I’m talking about this beautiful RPG for the Nintendo DS.

Enter stage left Tales Of Tempest

This looks like a beautiful looking game, it’s the newest installement in the Tales Saga, a very under-rated and over-looked series of games, except for it’s installement on the SNES Tales Of Phantasia. If you ever have the chance, try Tales Of Phantasia or any orther game, Tales Of Phantasia was just recently released on GBA as well. There is also an installement of the game on the GC called Tales Of Symphonia, another truely great game. Who knows maybe this will catch on as it has in japan, only 5 of the original japanese games ever came to North America (except for Tales of Phantasi on the nes, that was Fan-Translated Into English.) So Until Tales Of The Tempest is released on the DS I’ll be stuck playing Tales of Legendia on the PS2, I’m hoping this game will catch on and be popular on the DS, so more of the tales titles will show up on Nintendo systems.

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I’m with you on this one – RPG goodness in the palm of my hand. ACE!

Comment by John Dow

hmmmm…very interesting!
Thanks google

Comment by reuby

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