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The Games that almost Destroyed the Legend of Zelda
April 14, 2006, 6:53 pm
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I’m a huge Legend of zelda fan and so, I had been asking The Bradshaw about these Zelda CD-I Games by Philips I had heard about, and his response was “It’s garbage.” So, being the person I am I decided I’d test it out myself to see if they really are “garbage”. Let me tell you, They Are Garbage.

First off, Let’s take a look at the animation:

Now Let’s take a look at the newest installement in the series that will be coming out in the 4th quarter of 2006 Zelda: Twilight Princess

Now I’m not talking about the graphics, I’m just saying Link now looks like more of a badass then he did in the CD-I version… In the CD-I version he almost looks like a freaking pig… but that’s Ganon’s job.

The story makes no sense…. in one of them link randomly goes missing in the middle of the game, the other one zelda has to save Link, and the other one Link has to stop the faces of evil, each uglier then the other ( sound like majora’s mask at all?)

Also, what kills it is the fact that it is a side scroller, I guess they didn’t learn their lesson from the NES Zelda side scroller that NO ONE LIKES!!!
Now I’ve actually attempted to play all three of them and they are garbage, although, Even though they are garbage, there wasn’t very many produced, so it is very rare to own these games, and if you are a true Zelda collector, you need them in your collection, more for satisfaction of having the whole series, other then for the zelda collectors, everyone else skip it.

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