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Odama: A Review
April 13, 2006, 12:26 pm
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So Last night I was able to pick up a copy of Odama, and I played it until the wii-hours of the morning.

Insanely original

soldiers don’t always respond right to what you say
not the greatest graphics
Extremly frustrating at times

So I went into this game wondering what really to expect, because lets face it, this is a one of a kind game. When you first start the game, they give you a tutorial on how to say commands and such, which is useless for a while because in the heat of the battle you will completly forget the orders. Eventually, you will get a hang of the orders, but on your screen, most of the time you are looking at the ball going up and down the screen and not really paying attention to the rest of the game, this is very dangerous because they are always throwing new things out at you, such as strapping down your flippers so you can’t hit the ball( Yes I realise I’m not calling it right. but oh well.) back out. Also, in certain levels where there are rivers you have to block them, so your troops can go through the battlefield, the problem is sometimes the ball hits the lever that unblocks the river and all your troops get taken away. I find it a very exciting game, that takes alot of thinking, and I would recommend for people to rent this title before buying it, this isn’t a game that will appeal to everyone because of the frustration it brings. I also reccomend to play with a normal controller and not a wireless controller simply for the fact that the one with the wire is easier to find once you throw the controller. The graphics may be bad, but in this game you don’t have time to concentrate on the graphics, the game is very very fast.

I will have to give 8/10 for this game simply because of a well made original concept.

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