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First post, many more to come.
April 13, 2006, 12:04 pm
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So, welcome to a new section of

I will be posting news stories on Nintendo, my take on those stories. That’s basicly going to be my job on here.

So let me kick things off right here.

As many of you know about the revmote (or the wand) is controller that will be able to tell your current placement, and the movement you will be doing is going to directly affect whats happening on your television. It’s one of the many “Revolutionary” aspects of Nintendo’s next-gen console. Well as you may know, Sony has copied Nintendo on many aspects, and as usual, Sony wants to find a way to beat Nintendo.

Enter Real World Golf, A game in which you will be using a golf club type object to swing and hit a ball, it claims to be “The First and Only game” to do this, and It will be for PS2 and XBOX. Now Nintendo has had the concept of the Revolution for years, and once again, I feel Nintendo has been robbed. But, what’s even worst then that, is the controller splitfish has put out for ps2, and will be put out for ps3, a motion sensitive controller, which In my opinion looks alot like the revmote with the nunchucku attachement. If only Sony could be stopped…. maybe it will sooner then we think.

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